Tirgo LLC
Below are some of the projects worked on privately


Being able to sit down with someone who has "been there and done that" can be invaluable. In most cases the issues are the same. It's the answer that can be different. Knowing the difference between the "text book" answer and the "real world experience" answer can be huge. In the end, each project or client needs to be able to leverage the information so that the best outcome is achieved.

Each of the following sectors come with their particular challenges. Ron's experience in the various sectors allows him to bring to the table his real world experiences to the issue at hand.

Ron does not sugar coat his perspective. He tells you like it is. You may like or dislike what he has to say, but at least you will know where he stands on a particular issue. It then comes down to taking that advice and making a decision that is best suited for the project or your situation.

In many projects Ron serves as the project developer or key partner in a team that is actually in an ownership position for a project. 

The list below indicates specific areas of expertise but reality has shown that in many cases the specific challenge or opportunity crosses boundaries and includes multiple arenas.
Development, private, public and P3
Foreign investment
Transportation and Infrastructure
Public Policy
P3 Projects